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Patient Engagement and Tech on the Rise

March 17, 2016


A recent CDW study confirmed a positive correlation between patient involvement and higher outcomes in the health care industry. 200 patients and 200 health care providers were surveyed in order to better comprehend views on patient engagement and how each groups’ needs and challenges differed. 57% of patients in the past 2 years have become more proactive in their health care.

In response, the health care providers are now going beyond their initial measures by utilizing more patient-engaging resources. 67% of these providers reported that they are working on methods in order to ease the process for patients to access their own personal health care records.

Technology providing a Portal to the Patient Population

The healthcare industry recently has seen a surge in user-friendly mobile/wearable technologies. In the group of 200 care providers alone, 28% said that they either provide or have plans to provide the data gathered from such medical technologies to their online patient platforms.

Both groups expressed their desire for an increase in patient engagement tools – the internet being the main source of accessing online healthcare information. 74% of the patients noted that with more access to healthcare info they would then be able to have a more active role in their personal care routine.

The Call to Action: only 35% of patients said that they have noticed an increase in patient engagement from their health providers, while 60% of providers said they place patient engagement as a top priority. In this case, the providers must respond to the patients. With regards to the patients’ self-knowledge about their medical information, the patients ranked communication with their provider at a high 50%, same as the rank they gave to an influential life event. That is, they value the opportunity to speak with a familiar medical professional as much as they do a personal event.

Servicing Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials

Technology has given a wealth of knowledge to the general public, in all aspects. As the health care industry specifically works to make their own strides in released information, the public eagerly awaits. The public can also gain a deeper knowledge of what it is exactly they are volunteering for – and the act of providing knowledge is comforting in itself. Clinical trials are unarguably of great value in advancements in biotechnological and pharmaceutical fields, but without patients such advancements would not be possible. Continuing with the targeted patient-centric approach, your clinical trial should focus on the needs of the patient in your recruitment process, a feature that we provide. RESolutions, LLC is dedicated to patient recruitment so that you may enroll your trial on-time and on-budget. If you would like to learn more about our services or would like to speak with a representative directly, Contact Us today!

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