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IBM Watson Health takes on Healthcare Initiatives

April 27, 2016


IBM has announced their new plans to further their involvement in healthcare, one a collaboration with the American Cancer Society and the second the creation of the IBM Health Corps. The ACS collaboration was formed with the goal of pairing IBM Watson Health’s artificial intelligence knowledge with patient-oriented healthcare, and the IBM Health Corp was formed with the goal of using AI to take on global health matters.

IBM created Watson Health a year ago in 2015, during which time the company has created partnerships and acquisitions in order to gain a steady supply of production revenues for AI applications.

American Cancer Society Collaboration

Together with the American Cancer Society, Watson Health is creating a virtual cancer health adviser geared specifically for patients.

“If you think about the challenges now with patients searching for information, they go to a book store or website to get it in a little bit of a reactive fashion. If it’s a recent diagnosis, they want to know what treatment to do,” Kyu Rhee, IBM VP and CHO said.

Currently, more than 14,000 pieces of information on over 17 cancer and wellness topics are already available on the American Cancer Society’s website at The adviser will utilize the pre-existing info and also information from the ACS National Cancer Information Center, which contains additional details about self-management, support groups, health activities and educational materials. The ACS and Watson Health expect to combine their efforts onto IBM’s current clinical support tool, Watson for Oncology, which will allow doctors to direct their patients to a more engaging and informational resource tool.

The virtual adviser is expected to launch in early 2017.

IBM Health Corps

Modeled after the Peace Corps, IBM Health Corps’ use is to apply Watson Health’s AI technology to face global health issues; primary care, health care worker populations, and access to food and safe water.

Two pilot efforts have already been in place – the first in Calderdale, U.K., and the second in Johannesburg, South Africa. Calderdale’s pilot sought the need to identify population health through unstructured data. Because over 65% of their population is overweight or obese, the pilot worked to set programs in order to increase physical activity, targeting youth and elderly residents in particular.

The Johannesburg pilot engaged an app from IBM, which encouraged hospitals to have a higher quality of staffing abilities in order to make up for the lack of staff.

A third pilot have been planned to take place for the community health center Unity Health Care in Washington, DC, to provide a manageable chronic disease program by uniting primary care and mental health care.

Servicing Patient Recruitment in Clinical Trials

The rise in technology in healthcare will provide ease-of-access in treatments for the future. With access to better programs and information, the public patient population will be able to have a hands-on approach to managing their diseases and healthcare related issues. Clinical trials will hopefully see a rise in patient participation as well, in order to parallel the active cancer-eliminating goal of both the healthcare industry and the general population. RESolutions, LLC is dedicated to patient recruitment so that you may enroll your trial on-time and on-budget. If you would like to learn more about our services or would like to speak with a representative directly, Contact Us today!






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